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Tinctures - 250mg

If you are new to CBD, or seek a gentle strength dose, enjoy our 250mg tinctures.

Tinctures - 500mg

Our most popular oil, for those seeking a medium strength dose of CBD. Our 500mg tinctures make it easy to achieve a dose of 10-20mg per day.

Tinctures - 1500mg

For the real power of Vermont hemp, enjoy the hyper-concentrated 1500mg tincture. This is the most economical way to buy the healthiest CBD oil.

Tinctures - Specialty


How Hemp is Handled Matters

In Vermont 2019 has become known as the Great Hemp Boom.  It seems like everyone has a neighbor, friend, or relative who has tried growing hemp.  I guess that makes the idea of knowing your farmer a pretty easy feat to accomplish. So, what else should you take into consideration when purchasing hemp

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How should you choose a CBD brand?

How Should You Choose a CBD Brand? Part One These days CBD products can be found almost everywhere.  There are so many brands that have come onto the scene in a relatively short time that it is hard to keep up.  There are those that have been around since the beginning, and

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CBD and Menopause?

Today, I turn 53, on International Women’s Day, so it seems like the perfect day to finish this blog.  I decided to publish now, perfect later.  I want to share a little bit of the story behind our latest product, CBD for ME.   Have you ever googled CBD and menopause?  Not surprisingly you

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